RÖTHEL Praha, spol. s r.o.
Pod Kavalírkou 18 / 150 00 Praha 5

Phone: +420 257 212 828
Fax: +420 257 211 449

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Company RÖTHEL Praha, spol. s r.o.

RÖTHEL Praha Ltd. is the successor of the company FEED ADDITIVE Ltd., and it has been working since 1991. The ground of the trade  assortment is represented by feed additives for the animal feed industry produced in Germany by NOVUS EUROPE company situated in Belgium (former RÖTHEL GmbH company). Our next greatest suppliers (represented by RÖTHEL Praha Ltd. on the Czech market) are:  AGRIMEX – Belgian company, NUTRIAD  - Belgian company, LIPTOSA – Spanish company, NUKAMEL - Dutch company and WULFA-MAST – German company.

Czech feedstuff producers, premix producers and  also farmers, pig, poultry and dairy cows breeders belong to our customers.

The products supplied by our company don´t leave the residue in the organism  and  respect the environment. The powdery products are microgranular, dustless, stable, with a very good mixing properties  concerning the feedstuff and premix production.  All our suppliers are ISO, GMP+ or other quality certificate holders. RÖTHEL Praha Ltd. is the holder of the GMP+ quality certificate.  

RÖTHEL Praha Ltd – it is an experienced team of  the employees  who are always ready and able to give  the professional and consulting servis to the sold products. Our permanent effort is to make the Czech farmers sure, that the finance needed for the purchase of our products will effectively come back  due to  the livestock performance increasing as well as health  improving.